Minneapolis PD Union President Bob Kroll: Good guy? Y/N

If you're wondering whether or not Minneapolis Police Union president Bob Kroll is a good guy or not, here's a whole, solidly reported history of him and his conduct, speech, actions, et cetera. Don't tell me he's just calling it as he sees it, either. There seem to be multiple times when he could have brought people together and chose not to. The false furor over the Minnesota Lynx players wearing shirts that upset his fragile feelings is just one example.

If you're looking for a reason why the city of Minneapolis is looking to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and start anew, one of the stronger data points seems to be the MPD Union and Kroll's leadership of it. The union seems to have such a hold on the department, is seemingly in a leadership role in the department's resistance to reform, and its union leader has a long history of unprofessional statements and inappropriate police action.

I hope the city of Minneapolis find success with this plan. It's my home town and I really want them to succeed. Don't be so simplistic to think that the future means calling 911 and nobody comes to help when something goes wrong. Policing in the city will not cease; but what it means to police needs to change.

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