HOWTO: Block Fox News in Apple News and Google News

If, like me, you prefer not to give clicks and ad revenue to the Fox News website, here's how you can keep their results from showing up in Google News and Apple News.

Blocking Fox News in Google News:
  1. Go to the Google News website at
  2. Click on the "Gear" icon near the top right of the page.
  3. Select "Sources."
  4. In the "Block" section, type "Fox News" and then click on the first website result.
  5. If you want to block all the variants of Fox News (that I know about as of this writing), block the following: Fox News, Fox Business, Fox News Latino, FoxNews, FOX News Radio, FOX News Magazine, Fox News Insider
Extra tip: Also check out the "Preferred Sources" setting on this screen. In my preferences, I added "Washington Post" and "NPR" as preferred sources. That way if Google News has multiple articles on a topic, it will be more likely to recommend an article from one of those two sources. Why? Because I pay for a Washington Post subscription, thus I'm unlikely to run into a paywall versus if the link is to Wall Street Journal or New York Times, and because I trust National Public Radio (NPR).

Blocking Fox News in Apple News:
  1. On your iOS device, open the "News" application.
  2. Find an article published by Fox News.
  3. Don't open the article; just click on the "Share" icon underneath the article. It's the box with an arrow poking up out of it. It's located at the bottom of the article entry, under the headline, over to the right.
  4. A menu pops up. The first choice is "Airdrop" but if you look down below, there are options for "Dislike Story" and "Dislike Channel." Select "Dislike Channel."
  5. That should do it. You should now no longer see any stories from that source.
Note: Depending on your version of iOS, the menu selection might be called "Mute Channel."

Here's more information on liking / disliking channels in Apple News.

On Quick & Dirty Email Attachments in Unix

Need to export a file from Unix/Linux via email? Got uuencode? Do you even remember uuencode? It's how we used to encode files for file sharing, back before you were born.

Here's a handy one-liner that will wrap your file up as a UUEncoded attachment and mail it to the address you specify. The email should come through with a properly formatted attachment that you can then download.

Just do this:
% cat | uuencode | mail

Or you can get a bit fancier and add a subject line and a proper from address (if your system doesn't add one already):
% cat | uuencode | mail -s "Export of" -a "From: Me <>"

Or you can do it as part of a shell script, with bits that look something like this:

FROM="Just Me <>"
cat $FILE | \
uuencode $FILE \
mail -s "Export of $FILE attached" \
-a "From: $FROM" \

I know there's probably some better way to do this, but this simple example has saved me endless amounts of time lately. Hope you find it useful, too.

On Nasty Women Week

Samantha Bee has proclaimed this week to be Nasty Women Week. To celebrate, I suggest that you pre-order the new book NASTY WOMEN: FEMINISM, RESISTANCE AND REVOLUTION IN TRUMP'S AMERICA, edited by Samhita Mukhopadhyay and my wife, Kate Harding.

On Working From Home

I've worked from home the whole time I've had my current job--a pretty long time now.

It's not so much that I intended to work from home. But when I got this job offer, I had just moved to a new city, and wasn't able to just pack up again and move a second time. The person hiring me was also based in another city and knew that it was possible to be a productive member of a team and organization even if you're not based in the same city or office as your coworkers.

On Crab Claws and Cocaine

An idiot's observations of Miami and Miami Beach:

On Moving to Miami

So, we've decided that the town of Ithaca, New York, was not for us. When considering where to move next, my criteria was that I wanted to "move aspirationally." What I meant by that was, I want to move to some place where we like being, is someplace we've been and have had fun before, and is maybe some place where life would be really different for us. Someplace where we both have thought, "gosh, we really wish we lived here" during previous visits. And with Kate leaving her day job, and my job allowing me to work from anywhere, we thought that we really ought to take advantage of the freedom that this allows us.