Sunday, June 6, 2010

Shock: Cops at 1137 Pratt Again

Sadly, it's not that unique to see the police over at 1137 W Pratt Blvd, as noted by myself and other bloggers. They are there again today. This time it's three cop cars, one marked and two unmarked. I wonder what's going on.

Another neighbor mentioned that the building has gone into receivership. Did the owner go bankrupt? It is/was owned by Stan Properties. I see that they've taken down the big, ugly "APARTMENTS FOR RENT!!!!" sign from the boulevard. It's a neat little building that would shine if only a little care and attention were paid to it. Based on the number of times we've seen the cops there, I suspect that the landlord running criminal background checks on prospective tenants would help significantly.

I've been inside it a few times. They rent some of the units out as hotel rooms, or at least used to. After the issues my parents ran into last time they stayed there (no lights in the stairwells, broken elevator, etc.), I stopped putting people up there, so I don't know if they still rent out some of the units that way.


tavy_tav said...

Hii, just wondering if you could possibly give an update on the 1137 conditions. Moving from Chicago from VA and I just signed my lease. Was this a bad idea...

Al Iverson said...

You're not going to get murdered. It has indeed gotten a little better under new ownership. They have had security there at night, and the number of people hanging out there seems to have really gone down -- I wonder if they evicted some bad apples. Would I live there, though? Not sure about that. Wait until you see how tiny your new apartment is.